2017 GenCon — Day 3

Day 3 we decided to make a day without kids.  We took our time getting there and took our time in the hall, just me and Rachel.  Because I had done so well the previous day in the Runewars tournament, I had to come back at 4pm to play in the finals.  We ended up waiting in the FFG line to get the Elves expansion for Runewars and headed over to the tournament area to unbox it and check things out.  Rachel and I just sat there for a while talking about the basics of the rules and just hanging out.  It was pretty fun.

Around 4, I headed over to the meeting area to prepare for the tournament.  Check yesterday’s post for info about how my games went.  It was quite the experience and after a few hours I became the first ever Runewars North American Champion.  Very tired from the day, we headed home.  One more day of GenCon 50 to go!