Gen Con 2018, Day 4

Day 4, the last day.  On the last day we typically bring the kids so they can enjoy the convention too.  David was really looking forward to it this year.  We got there early enough that we had to wait for the vendor hall to open.  Rachel took Joshua up to the second floor where things were quieter so he could take a nap.  I took David back down to the entrance and he and I were able to walk in when the doors were opened.  This was the first year that we were in the vendor hall that early for 3 of the 4 days.  He was completely wide-eyed when we walked inside.  I told him to yell “STOP!” if he saw something he wanted to look at, because it was hard to hear him in the vendor hall.  Shortly after telling him that, he yelled for me to stop so we could look at the art on a game.  That kid really seems to like dragons.  A little later on, he saw a tablet and wanted to do the demo for a tablet game.  The guy was nice and let David touch the buttons and stuff.  David seemed to enjoy it and he really wanted to play games.  We wandered around the hall for a bit and then met up with Rachel and Joshua.  By this time, Joshua was awake again so we went back over to Forged Foam and bought Joshua a little sword.  It’s actually a dagger for stabbing, but he really liked it.

We bought a learning game for David and wandered around the hall a bit more.  Went ahead and got lunch while we were there and took David around to see some of the cosplayers.  He was pretty scared of most of them, but he recognized a lot of the characters.  At around 2pm, we had enough of Gen Con for this year.  It seems like every year we end up having more fun than the year before and this year was no exception.  Goodbye Gen Con 2018… see you next year!