Gen Con 2018, Day 2

Day 2 was set to be our game day.  We were both enrolled in Star Wars Legion Maximum Firepower event.  We were both a little nervous to play since we didn’t really know how the community was going to be on such a new game, but we were pleasantly surprised that everyone was super nice and helpful.

I don’t really remember the names of my opponents, but I played 4 great games.

Game 1: For game 1 I played against a Rebels list that was pretty close to what Rachel and Brian usually play.  My list is undefeated and I let that cloud my judgment a little bit and over extended my army.  Once he got Luke Skywalker in range, my units were toast.  I had a chance for a hail mary, but my speeder bikes couldn’t seal the deal.  My first loss. 🙁

Game 2: Game two was an Imperial mirror match against a list with Vader, Veers, 2 storm trooper units, 1 snow trooper unit (with a flame thrower), and a fully loaded AT-ST.  With the limited cover on the maps, the AT-ST had a field day, so I spent the first 2 rounds focus firing that thing down.  Turns 3 and 4 I had to focus on Vader since he is hard enough to take down and can do some significant damage.  After turn 5 when I dropped his Veers, he decided to concede.  My first win of the day. 🙂

Game 3: Game 3 was against another Rebel list.  Once again, it was Luke and Leia, a ton of troopers, and 2 AT-RTs.  We used the repair the evaporator mission and had minefields on the map.  The mines made things difficult for me, mostly because I kept forgetting the order I wanted to activate everything.  After using my bikes to alpha strike the AT-RTs, they were in a pretty bad position due to the mines.  I was able to repair 3 of the 4 evaporators but by the end of the game my opponent was able to fully damage one of them so that left us with a tie.  I won due to points destroyed.

Game 4: Game 4 was almost exactly a mirror match.  Veers, 6 troopers, 3 bikes.  However because of having a better bid I was able to be first player and picked an objective that favored me.  I forced my opponent into a kill box and nuked his bikes on approach.  After a couple of turns, he conceded and I went away with 3 wins for the day.

Rachel ended up winning her first game by default since the guy had to leave early for another event.  Her next two games ended in a loss but she felt good about their outcome.  She won her final game and ended the day with a 2-2 record… enough for some pretty snazzy prizes and a good feeling of accomplishment.

Overall it was a really long but fun day.  I think we would both do it again. 🙂