Gen Con 2018, Day 1

This year we convinced Bill and Sarah to come to Gen Con with us, so that made things even more fun.  Last year we didn’t rush the FFG booth and we really missed the excitement of being one of the first people into the convention hall.  We arrived around 8:30am and had an hour and a half to wait to get it.  It went by quickly and we made it into the event hall pretty quickly.  Even though we were further ahead in line than we were 2 years ago, we still had an hour wait in the line.  We were able to purchase a core set for X-Wing 2.0, a couple upgrades, Han Solo and Commandos for Star Wars Legion.  From there, we met up with Bill and Sarah who opted to not be apart of the mob. 🙂  Day 1 was spent like the last few years where we went shopping through the vendor hall.  We didn’t really play any games or do anything very interesting.

One thing we did differently this year was park at Lucas Oil Stadium.  The cost to park was significantly higher than the Zoo, but it was well worth it.  We were much closer to the convention center so that made the day feel much easier.  We left a little early to go have a nice supper with Bill and Sarah.  After supper we went back to the house where I taught both of them how to play X-Wing. 🙂