Adepticon 2018

Adepticon 2018 was pretty fun this year.  Some of the guys decided to go all 4 days and play some events, but I was unable to due to work.  Instead I opted to go just a couple days like last year.  Unlike last year, I didn’t buy a swag bag in time so there was really no point in buying a ticket.  This year we were looking at Necromunda since we’ve been looking for a campaign style miniatures game for about a year now.  We found some really good supporting products for it too.  It can be played with 3D terrain or using the included tiles.  We found some MDF walls and doors to help give it a 3D look.  I also picked up some MDF scenery for Star Wars Legion as well.

Overall it was a pretty good time but nothing really major happened.  We all spent way too much money, but it’s all stuff we’ll be using for the years to come. 🙂