2017 GenCon — Day 1

GenCon 50 — The 50th anniversary of GenCon!  We knew it was going to be big this year, mostly because it was sold out.  Last year, we arrived super early to rush the FFG booth, but this year we didn’t really feel like rushing anything or fighting big crowds.  Instead we arrived about an hour early and browsed the gaming hall for a bit and waited patiently for the doors to open to the exhibit hall.  This is the method I recommend because it was much less stressful and we didn’t get bumped/pushed/stepped on quite as much.  Our first stop was Hawk Wargames to pick up some Battle Cruisers for Drop Fleet Commander.  Hawk also does some convention-only releases and we were fortunate enough to pick up one of those as well.  After that, we didn’t really have a ton planned for the day.

We started going up and down the aisles to see what new and fun stuff people had out.  We knew FFG had the Latari Elves available for Runewars and I was curious if Privateer Press would have their new skirmish game, Company of Iron available.  The only other thing on our “must buy” list was some foam weapons from Forged Foam.  Kyle had a fair sized collection that he brought over on a Saturday and David absolutely loved playing with them, so we knew we had to get him some gear.  We also like to see if we can find a small-ish item for the kids, so they can be apart of the fun too.

Speaking of the kids, we decided to leave David at home for most of the convention and Rachel carried Joshua in a sort of backpack that goes on her front.  It worked out really well.  He liked facing outward so he could see everything but she liked him facing inward so he could sleep better.  Other than him being a really heavy baby, it seemed to work out ok.

Rachel had a class to make a Dr. Who bracelet and a book signing by her favorite author.  While she was doing that, I picked up some foam swords and shields. 🙂