Laying the Track — the yard

It’s been a pretty productive couple of weeks.  The progress is pretty slow, but I’m picking up the pace.  Laying the road bed is pretty time consuming and doing it on the yard is pretty tough with all the turn outs.  The first turnout I did met up into another one so I did them at the same time.  That was pretty rough, but it looks ok enough.  It’ll all be covered up with scenery later on, so I’m not overly concerned with how it looks right now.  The next 5 or 6 turnouts went much, much better since I finally got a feel for how to nail down the road bed.  I only bought one box of track nails and I’m burning through them pretty fast.

I’m using tortoise switch machines for the turnouts.  Since they go under the table, I have to drill a hole right under the turnout.  Finding the exact position is pretty easy once I’ve got the road bed nailed to the table.  I just use a T-pin to mark where the bar is, move the turnout, cut away the road bed in that spot and drill the hole where the mark is.  Once that’s done, I cut the road bed down the center line and set it in the shape of the turnout.  Takes a little while for each turnout, but they’ve been looking pretty good.

So far I’ve got 3 lines on the yard done.  There is technically a 4th, but it will be connected to the outside track eventually, so I’m going to save it for later.  After taking the pictures, I started on the last bit of track that goes into the turn table.  It continues around the track, so I’ll have my first taste of laying road bed under curved track!