Laying the Track — The Turntable!

So one of David’s favorite parts of the track is definitely the turntable.  Since the layout calls for 2 of the tracks to terminate at the turntable and we’re adding a 3rd, I thought it would be a good anchor point to start.  We didn’t get a whole lot done on the track this week, but the turntable is in its final position and screwed down to the table.  That actually took quite a bit of moving around, with really small adjustments here and there, but I think it’s in a good spot.  I put some straights next to it as a place to store the engines since a round house probably won’t fit very well.  After putting our black steam engine on the track, I’m not sure it’ll be a good storage option, but we’ll see.  I went ahead and put road bed on one of those straights, just to see how hard it would be to do the road bed.  It goes down pretty easily.  The directions say to glue it down and glue the track to the road bed, but I’m using the nails instead.  They seem to be doing just fine.  I also ran some power wires to the track and drilled holes so they can run beneath the table.  It looks pretty good but will look better once we put ballast on the track.  The Atlas turntable has a split ring inside, so that means we don’t need an auto-reversing circuit for our DCC.  I ran some scrap wire to the turntable to power it and the track to test everything.  It works really well so far!  The 2-6-0 steam engine barely fits, so the 4-6-0 that David wants will be really tight.

We went to the train show in Indy this weekend.  I was hoping there would be more vendors there, but it was pretty small.  Most vendors had O or N scale stuff but the HO stuff was pretty limited.  There was a whole area for layouts and David really enjoyed watching those trains run.  Overall it was worth it to have gone, but we may not go next year.

This week I’m hoping to get more road bed under the yard and the holes for the switch machines drilled.  I’m still waiting on more parts, so once they get here I’ll be able to make some more progress.  I’ve got some of the road bed placed, but the track isn’t nailed down yet.  The progress is slow but steady!