Laying the track, base layer!

We made quite a bit of progress laying the track this week and today we finally finished it.  Well, sort of.  We put down all the track for the track plan we’re using, but we plan on adding to it before beginning the next phase.  The track plan (HO-23 in the Atlas book) requires a 5.25’x8′ area and we built a 6’x10′ table, so we have a bit of room to play with.  I’d like to add train storage around the turn table, a couple more sidings around the yard, complete the outer oval so a second train can run uninterrupted.  Eventually I’d like to be able to run 3 trains at the same time… one running the main line, a second handling the outer oval, while a 3rd works the yard.

This upcoming weekend is a train show in Indy that we plan on taking the boys to.  That should be fun and should give us some great ideas. 🙂