Team Yankee

Getting started in Team Yankee

A few weeks ago, I began talking to my friend Kyle about another tabletop game called Team Yankee.  Team Yankee is similar to Flames of War but without the different eras of battle.  Team Yankee focuses on a “what if” scenario centered around the Cold War.  What if the Soviet Union attacked and the Cold War heated up?  Long story short, we decided to give it a try.  I began with the United States while Kyle started with the Soviet Union.  We finally had time to get our models assembled and had a chance to put them on the table.  Having no experience with Team Yankee or even Flames of War, I didn’t have hardly any idea what to do or expect.  Kyle was able to use his Flames of War experience to help me learn the game.

Game 1:  Starter boxes
We played our first game with just the contents of our starter boxes.  My 5 M1 Abrams tanks and 2 Cobra helicopters against Kyle’s 9 T-72 tanks and 2 Hind helicopters.  The Soviet tank teams rely on swarming while the USA uses advanced technology to come out on top.  In the case of our battle, this did not work for the USA.  Kyle’s Soviet team quickly swarmed around my M1s and they dropped like flies.  The M1s shot back, don’t get me wrong, but my limited grasp on the game and not using the advanced technology to my advantage led to the loss.

Game 2: 60 point army
USA force: 1 M1 HQ, 2 M1, 2 M1, 2 Cobra, 2 VAD, 3 M108 Artillery, 1 FIST, 3 M113 Mech Platoon with 3 rifleman+LAW and 2 Dragon.
Soviet Union force: 1 T-72 HQ, 4 T-72, 4 T-72, 2 HIND, 2 AA, 3 Artillery, 1 Forward Observer, 3 BMP with full mech platoon
We set up on a 4×4 table with 2 objectives on each side.  Soviets were attacking.  I split my M1s around either objectives, put my artillery in a corner, and my AA and APCs hiding as well.  Cobras loitering off the table.  Soviets set up similarly but Kyle moved much more aggressively.  I decided to turtle and hold my objectives.  This was a bad idea since the M1s are really good at moving and shooting.  We ended up missing a couple of game ending triggers but the Soviets ended up on top.  It was a fun battle and I learned quite a bit about the game.  At this point, we took a quick break for supper and regrouped for game 3.

Game 3: 60 point army, take 2.
I ended up dropping my artillery, FIST, and cobras to take a full M113 mech platoon, ITVs, and added an extra M1.  The Cobras performed remarkably but I was finding it difficult to get them in good positions on such a small table.  Since the ITVs have the same TOW missile, I hoped they would perform about as well.  Kyle’s army remained unchanged.  Before setting up, we moved the terrain around a bit to make it different.  This time, I would be the attacker.  During this game I tried to be more aggressive with my M1s.  I was able to take out a T-72 in the first round of shooting.  However in Kyle’s turn, he was able to take out one of my M1s that I foolishly left exposed.  I had originally intended to take my M113s straight to his objective but I feared the artillery and his BMP company.  So I opted to run away and try to rush towards the other one.  Kyle brought his air support on the table but they were dropped from the sky by my VADs.  This time my M1s were clustered together so they were able to properly defend against the T-72s.  My ITVs also did some good work against the T-72s.  I deployed the M113’s mech platoon to make quick work of the Soviet AA and then re-mounted to make tracks to the objective.  In the meantime, my other objective was about to be overrun.  My VADs headed that way to contest it and basically die in a hail of rocket and gun fire.  Once my M1s finished with the T-72s, they headed over to defend the objective while the rest of the force went on to conquer.  The M1s made quick work of the BMPs and then focused their efforts on the infantry.  In the meantime, the M113s took some serious damage from a single BMP unit and the artillery but enough of the unit survived that they were able to deploy their own Mech platoon and destroy the lone BMP and work on the artillery.

Overall it was a very fun day of gaming.  With 3 games played, we both learned a lot and now have some ideas and stuff for different terrain.  Our terrain solution was pretty cobbled together but it worked for what we were trying to do.  Hopefully next time we’ll have some better looking forests, trees, building, objectives, and maybe add in some hills.