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Gen Con 2018, Day 4

Day 4, the last day.  On the last day we typically bring the kids so they can enjoy the convention too.  David was really looking forward to it this year.  We got there early enough that we had to wait for the vendor hall to open.  Rachel took Joshua up to the second floor where things were quieter so he could take a nap.  I took David back down to the entrance and he and I were able to walk in when the doors were opened.  This was the first year that we were in the vendor hall that early for 3 of the 4 days.  He was completely wide-eyed when we walked inside.  I told him to yell “STOP!” if he saw something he wanted to look at, because it was hard to hear him in the vendor hall.  Shortly after telling him that, he yelled for me to stop so we could look at the art on a game.  That kid really seems to like dragons.  A little later on, he saw a tablet and wanted to do the demo for a tablet game.  The guy was nice and let David touch the buttons and stuff.  David seemed to enjoy it and he really wanted to play games.  We wandered around the hall for a bit and then met up with Rachel and Joshua.  By this time, Joshua was awake again so we went back over to Forged Foam and bought Joshua a little sword.  It’s actually a dagger for stabbing, but he really liked it.

We bought a learning game for David and wandered around the hall a bit more.  Went ahead and got lunch while we were there and took David around to see some of the cosplayers.  He was pretty scared of most of them, but he recognized a lot of the characters.  At around 2pm, we had enough of Gen Con for this year.  It seems like every year we end up having more fun than the year before and this year was no exception.  Goodbye Gen Con 2018… see you next year!

Gen Con 2018, Day 3

For Day 3, we got there early enough to rush the vendor hall again.  We didn’t really have too much in mind other than checking Privateer Press’s booth out to demo Monsterpocalypse.  Turns out the game is pretty fast paced and a lot of fun.  I really enjoy the idea of giant robots throwing monsters into buildings.  Which is probably why I like Pacific Rim so much. We ended up purchasing the game and some expansions.  Not wanting to carry it around all day, we went back to the car to drop it off.  Rachel decided to cosplay and wanted to ditch her cloak so the trip back to the vehicle worked out.  On our way back, we decided to have an early lunch to beat the rush.  Bill and Sarah hadn’t yet arrived so it was good timing.  The four of us walked the vendor hall and made a few more purchased.  We stopped by Forged Foam and checked out their new swords and shields.  Rachel had been wanting a weapon that could get past my sword/shield combo and I picked up a very long 2-handed sword.  We ventured over to Lucas Oil and checked things out there, but I couldn’t find the Artemis Bridge Simulator places to show Bill.  After this we headed back to the vendor hall where Bill and Sarah got set up with some X-Wing gear. 🙂

After a few hours of walking the vendor hall where too much money was spent and our feet were sufficiently sore, we headed home.  Ending out the night just hanging out and chatting.  Overall it was a good time with Bill and Sarah and I think we’re all looking forward to next year!

Gen Con 2018, Day 2

Day 2 was set to be our game day.  We were both enrolled in Star Wars Legion Maximum Firepower event.  We were both a little nervous to play since we didn’t really know how the community was going to be on such a new game, but we were pleasantly surprised that everyone was super nice and helpful.

I don’t really remember the names of my opponents, but I played 4 great games.

Game 1: For game 1 I played against a Rebels list that was pretty close to what Rachel and Brian usually play.  My list is undefeated and I let that cloud my judgment a little bit and over extended my army.  Once he got Luke Skywalker in range, my units were toast.  I had a chance for a hail mary, but my speeder bikes couldn’t seal the deal.  My first loss. 🙁

Game 2: Game two was an Imperial mirror match against a list with Vader, Veers, 2 storm trooper units, 1 snow trooper unit (with a flame thrower), and a fully loaded AT-ST.  With the limited cover on the maps, the AT-ST had a field day, so I spent the first 2 rounds focus firing that thing down.  Turns 3 and 4 I had to focus on Vader since he is hard enough to take down and can do some significant damage.  After turn 5 when I dropped his Veers, he decided to concede.  My first win of the day. 🙂

Game 3: Game 3 was against another Rebel list.  Once again, it was Luke and Leia, a ton of troopers, and 2 AT-RTs.  We used the repair the evaporator mission and had minefields on the map.  The mines made things difficult for me, mostly because I kept forgetting the order I wanted to activate everything.  After using my bikes to alpha strike the AT-RTs, they were in a pretty bad position due to the mines.  I was able to repair 3 of the 4 evaporators but by the end of the game my opponent was able to fully damage one of them so that left us with a tie.  I won due to points destroyed.

Game 4: Game 4 was almost exactly a mirror match.  Veers, 6 troopers, 3 bikes.  However because of having a better bid I was able to be first player and picked an objective that favored me.  I forced my opponent into a kill box and nuked his bikes on approach.  After a couple of turns, he conceded and I went away with 3 wins for the day.

Rachel ended up winning her first game by default since the guy had to leave early for another event.  Her next two games ended in a loss but she felt good about their outcome.  She won her final game and ended the day with a 2-2 record… enough for some pretty snazzy prizes and a good feeling of accomplishment.

Overall it was a really long but fun day.  I think we would both do it again. 🙂

Gen Con 2018, Day 1

This year we convinced Bill and Sarah to come to Gen Con with us, so that made things even more fun.  Last year we didn’t rush the FFG booth and we really missed the excitement of being one of the first people into the convention hall.  We arrived around 8:30am and had an hour and a half to wait to get it.  It went by quickly and we made it into the event hall pretty quickly.  Even though we were further ahead in line than we were 2 years ago, we still had an hour wait in the line.  We were able to purchase a core set for X-Wing 2.0, a couple upgrades, Han Solo and Commandos for Star Wars Legion.  From there, we met up with Bill and Sarah who opted to not be apart of the mob. 🙂  Day 1 was spent like the last few years where we went shopping through the vendor hall.  We didn’t really play any games or do anything very interesting.

One thing we did differently this year was park at Lucas Oil Stadium.  The cost to park was significantly higher than the Zoo, but it was well worth it.  We were much closer to the convention center so that made the day feel much easier.  We left a little early to go have a nice supper with Bill and Sarah.  After supper we went back to the house where I taught both of them how to play X-Wing. 🙂

2017 GenCon — Day 4

On the final day of GenCon 50, we didn’t spend too much time there.  Mostly because we were tired but also because we had both kids with us.  We had been talking all week about GenCon in front of David, so he was super curious about it.  I also wanted to get a shorter foam sword for him since the one I picked up on Day 1 was a little too long for him.  We also picked out a plushy D20 that we let him play with before buying for him.

Before leaving, Kyle and I both bought a couple boxes of Battletech minis.  We’ve been looking for a mech game to play and this one looked pretty good.

It was a long week but a lot of fun.  Looking forward to next year!

2017 GenCon — Day 3

Day 3 we decided to make a day without kids.  We took our time getting there and took our time in the hall, just me and Rachel.  Because I had done so well the previous day in the Runewars tournament, I had to come back at 4pm to play in the finals.  We ended up waiting in the FFG line to get the Elves expansion for Runewars and headed over to the tournament area to unbox it and check things out.  Rachel and I just sat there for a while talking about the basics of the rules and just hanging out.  It was pretty fun.

Around 4, I headed over to the meeting area to prepare for the tournament.  Check yesterday’s post for info about how my games went.  It was quite the experience and after a few hours I became the first ever Runewars North American Champion.  Very tired from the day, we headed home.  One more day of GenCon 50 to go!

2017 GenCon — Day 2

For GenCon Day 2, I was planning on playing in the Runewars tournament.  We didn’t get headed that way as soon as we would have liked so we rushed to get there at 10:30.  Here’s the write-up I posted on the FFG forums about that day (and the next day).

FFG Forums: 1st Place North American Championship GenCon Battle Report

Hi everyone, my name is DJ and I took first place at Gencon this last weekend.  I thought I would take a minute and write up some of my experiences over the weekend in case it might help someone.  Overall my hope is this post will encourage more people to not only come play this great game but also participate in next year’s tournament. :)

The list:

Oathsworn Cavalry x6 [46]
–Training: Moment of Inspiration [5]
———-Total Unit Cost: 51

Oathsworn Cavalry x6 [46]
–Training: Moment of Inspiration [5]
———-Total Unit Cost: 51

Lord Hawthorne x1 [34]
–Artifact: Shield of Margath [6]
–Unique: Might of Daqan [4]
———-Total Unit Cost: 44

Spearmen x2 [18]
–Music: Rallying Cornicen [4]
———-Total Unit Cost: 22

Rune Golems x2 [28]
———-Total Unit Cost: 28

The total points for this list is 196 points.  I did this for the sole reason of I wanted to go first or least have the choice to go first.  More on this later.  When building my list, I looked at the objectives that were going to be played and wanted something that would help me in all 3 of them.  We knew the objectives were going to be Bounty, Break Their Defenses, and Supply Raid.  For both Break Their Defenses and Supply Raid, I needed high mobility.  For Bounty, I wanted a tanky unit that could hold the objective and I wouldn’t have to worry about it dying and still get some use out of it.  The 3rd criteria was a list with a simple enough strategy that I could play 3-4 times in a row without fatigue.  For this, I settled on a pair of 3×2 cavalry for the speed and added Moment of Inspiration for more firepower and Hawthorne for the ability to make my cav 3-wide and be my “tanky” unit.  The 2 tray unit of spearmen was reformed to 1×2 with the Cornicen in front for a little bit of protection.  This unit would follow nearby the cav to refresh Moment of Inspiration and possibly pick up tokens or get in the deployment area.  The Rune Golems are simply blockers.  If I see something that could move fast or I want to flank, I try to get the golems in their face.

The bid.  I think for the most part, everyone was at 200 or 199 points.  But I wanted to be sure I could go first.  Second player got to pick the deployment and I really didn’t care which side of the board I was on.  But going first also lets you put down the first and last piece of terrain.  Especially in Careful Approach (corner deployments), being able to put down 2 of the 3 pieces of terrain can greatly affect the game.  In our 3rd game, I was up against a 9 tray block of cav with 2 4 tray spearmen with Dispatch Runner.  Just by placing 2 pieces of small terrain (the smallest ones, even) I was able to force him into a position he did not want to be in and nuke down his cav.  With a little practice, you can set up lanes for flanks and all other sorts of fun stuff.

The strategy.  My strategy was simple.  I could lose a golem or 2 and a unit of cav and still be effective.  The golems would face off and block/distract anything that could move fast while my cav took a flank.  If needed, one cav unit would take the front attack while the other took the side.  The spearmen would follow whichever cav unit I thought would be attacking more while Hawthorne stuck with the other unit and tied up anything that tried to flank.

My games.  I’ll try to recall as much detail as I can, but I don’t retain a lot of information.  If you played me and would like to add anything, please feel free to comment.  All 5 of my games were very fun and against very skilled players and I hope you all had fun too.  My first 4 games were against fellow Daqan players, so that was kind of funny.

Game 1: Ryan and his Hawthorne cav.  Ryan’s list was somewhat similar to mine but he had a pair of 2×2 cav, tank-mode Hawthorne, 2 single rune golems, and I can’t remember if he had any spearmen.  I started off pretty nervous since my goal of the day was to just win 1 game since it’d been a month and a half since my last game.  The first objective was Supply Raid and Standoff deployment.  I really don’t remember too many of the details of the game since many of us were all getting used to the tournament rules.  I did learn that attacking his Hawthorne with my cav was a bad idea since he didn’t take any wounds and I lost 2 knights. :)  The game ended with a 10-1 in my favor.  Good game, Ryan!

Game 2: Dan?  I’m really sorry I can’t remember your name, but I think I played Dan.  I’m like 75% sure it was Dan, though. :(  For game 2, we played Break Their Defenses with Hammer and Anvil deployment.  At this point I was just excited to have won my first game and be at the top table.  Dan had a 6 tray cav and a 4 tray cav, also with Hawthorne.  I don’t remember what else was in his formation but those were the big pieces.  I decided early on that I was going to rush which worked out perfectly since he decided to turtle.  I sent Hawthorne into some terrain nearby his 4 tray of cav with the thought that if he is foolish enough to charge the terrain, he’s going to lose a lot just from Hawthorne’s defense attack.  Unfortunately for me, he was smarter than that. :)  The turning point of the game was round 3 or 4 when he turned his big scary block of cav and gave me his flank for my own cav to charge.  We called the game early with all his units either locked up or destroyed except his Hawthorne which made it over to my deployment area.  My second 10-1 win of the day, but still a very good and fun game.  Thanks for the game and I’m sorry I can’t remember your name! :(

Game 3: Justin and his big block of cav.  During the first game, Justin was on a table behind me and I saw his 9 tray of cav.  My first thought was “I hope I don’t have to play him”.  Sure enough, he and I had both done quite well that day.  We were both at 20 tournament points going into it, so that was pretty neat.  The objective was Bounty and deployment was Careful Approach.  I was excited for this because ever since the game came out I was saying that whoever could master this deployment would win Gencon.  The pieces of terrain we drew were the 3 smallest ones… the spikes.  Not what I really wanted to see, but oh well.  I was still able to set it up for him to either come out from his side very close to his edge or out and around from the far side of the board.  I tried my best to make it more desirable for him to come out the side so I could block and smash with my cav.  Justin also had Kari and his own golem for me to worry about, but I was mostly focused on the 9 tray cav being followed by 2 4-tray spearmen with Dispatch Runner.  He made his cav his bounty unit and I made Hawthorne mine.  As expected, he set up his cav to come out the side.  I swung wide with one of my cav units to come around and meet his front while the other set up to flank.  On turn 2, he had initiative and I expected him to move a little forward to avoid my charge so I keyed up a turning charge.  Both my cav units made contact and it was curtains from there.  We played cat and mouse for bit with Kari and the golem but ended up calling it.  With the 75 points from the objective, I got my 3rd 10-1 victory.  Thanks for the great game Justin!

Day 2– Final 4

Game 4: Nathaniel and the glass cannons.  Nathaniel was also running dual cav but his were 4-wide using Hawthorne’s ability.  He also had a deathstar to worry about.  For this game, we played Supply Raid with Hammer and Anvil deployment.  After setting out the Supply Raid tokens, I pretty much decided to ignore those because if I went after them, it would spread me out too much.  My thought was to let him pick up the tokens and just go for the kill.  In setting up terrain, I created a small area that a 3-wide tray unit could barely fit through hoping he might put his deathstar there so I could block and flank.  But he put it in the corner with 1 unit of cav and Hawthorne.  The other unit of cav was on the complete other side of the board set up to flank.  I chose to ignore that flank completely and just run down the middle with my flanker (in that 3-wide thread the needle area).  My other units were set up pretty much across from his.  I set my Rune Golems so they would be impacted on his cav charging so I could charge back with my cav.  Instead of that happening, Nathaniel sent in Hawthorne to block my cav and attempted to turn charge my golems with his 4-wide cav.  I saw the Hawthorne charge coming and keyed up a 7 initiative attack on my cav that nearly killed Hawthorne.  His turning charge from his cav impacted his own Hawthorne so that was a miss.  Next turn my Golems charged his cav to block while my own cav took out his Hawthorne.  After a couple turns of doing the unexpected, Nathaniel was on to my tricks and read me like a book and knew I would move my cav in to engage his deathstar.  He pretty much punked them leaving a single tray of knights to fight back.  I took a mental blow but it was ok since reinforcements were now on the way.  My flanker cav made it to the fight as their brothers died but got the flank and started working on his deathstar.  By round 6, Nathaniel decided to call it and gave me the win.  Thanks for a great game!

Game 5: Matthew’s Waiqar.  Archers and Lancers and Reanimates, oh my!  My only matchup against Waiqar and it’s the final table.  Pretty thematic.  We played Break Their Defenses and Battle lines.  We spread out the terrain evenly and began set up.  We set most of our units on a single mat only using a 3×3 area for the most part.  My cav was set straight against his reanimates with archers on either side.  One of his lancers in his corner with the other two blocking for his archer’s flank.  Having played a list with a bunch of archers in the early days of Runewars, I knew that I would lose some numbers on the push.  So it came down to getting as close as I can while staying at range 5+ and then pushing in as fast as I can.  Sure enough, my 6 trays of cav were whittled down on the approach.  They were still mildly effective at reducing his reanimate numbers, but he won that battle.  Hawthorne came in behind but was met with a Carrion Lancer and they duked it out there until the end.  Meanwhile on the other end of the board, my flanker cav went in hard at the same time and were met by 2 carrion lancers.  I knew he would be able to charge me before I could charge him so in a daring move I went 1 straight with a 2 straight modifier.  This put me within range 1 of his side and just clear of both of his lancer’s charge.  Next round I reformed and charged his lancers taking them out one at a time.  Meanwhile the Rune Golems were threading the needle of some spikey terrain to get in and engage the archers.  They made it there to tie them up for a couple of turns, dealing enough damage to make them a much smaller threat.  In the end, I lost a whole unit of cav and one Rune Golem.  3 of my 4 remaining units made it into the deployment and I won by points.  It was an amazing game and could have gone either way.  Thanks for a very memorable and epic game, Matthew!

The attached picture shows Turn 4 (I think) of the final game.  I’m not very good at remembering to take pictures so I don’t have hardly any.  You can see what little remains of my cav from the charge but his carrion lancers are about to get wrecked for payback!

Big thanks to FFG for putting on a great tournament and to all who came and played.  A personal thank you to my wife and my good friend Kyle for the support and pushing me to be a better player.  Thanks for reading this and I hope to see you all next year!



2017 GenCon — Day 1

GenCon 50 — The 50th anniversary of GenCon!  We knew it was going to be big this year, mostly because it was sold out.  Last year, we arrived super early to rush the FFG booth, but this year we didn’t really feel like rushing anything or fighting big crowds.  Instead we arrived about an hour early and browsed the gaming hall for a bit and waited patiently for the doors to open to the exhibit hall.  This is the method I recommend because it was much less stressful and we didn’t get bumped/pushed/stepped on quite as much.  Our first stop was Hawk Wargames to pick up some Battle Cruisers for Drop Fleet Commander.  Hawk also does some convention-only releases and we were fortunate enough to pick up one of those as well.  After that, we didn’t really have a ton planned for the day.

We started going up and down the aisles to see what new and fun stuff people had out.  We knew FFG had the Latari Elves available for Runewars and I was curious if Privateer Press would have their new skirmish game, Company of Iron available.  The only other thing on our “must buy” list was some foam weapons from Forged Foam.  Kyle had a fair sized collection that he brought over on a Saturday and David absolutely loved playing with them, so we knew we had to get him some gear.  We also like to see if we can find a small-ish item for the kids, so they can be apart of the fun too.

Speaking of the kids, we decided to leave David at home for most of the convention and Rachel carried Joshua in a sort of backpack that goes on her front.  It worked out really well.  He liked facing outward so he could see everything but she liked him facing inward so he could sleep better.  Other than him being a really heavy baby, it seemed to work out ok.

Rachel had a class to make a Dr. Who bracelet and a book signing by her favorite author.  While she was doing that, I picked up some foam swords and shields. 🙂

Origins Game Fair 2017

Origins Game Fair 2017

Having gone to Adepticon for the first time this year, I thought it might be fun to hit up Origins since it’s fairly close to home and another big convention in the area.  Kyle and I decided to go for one day, Saturday, since neither of us would have to take any vacation time.  Kyle hadn’t been to Origins for quite a few years, so this would be a fun experience for both of us.  Neither of us were planning on playing anything or doing any events, but just hanging out and seeing what the convention has to offer.

We arrived a little early with enough time to get some really good parking, get our badges, and check out the gaming area before the exhibit hall opened.  I really enjoy checking out games that I don’t even play just for the look of the models and terrain they use.  Pretty much all the games look beautiful on the table and it’s also interesting to see the players interact with each other.  Once the hall opened up, we headed inside to make  a quick pass over all the exhibits.  Lots of exhibitors were doing specials, as you’d expect, and there were plenty of new games to play test.

Lately we’ve been discussing getting into a skirmish type game with a campaign, specifically Shadow War Armageddon.  At the Privateer Press booth, they had a first look at their new skirmish game, Company of Iron.  The models are normal Warmachine/Hordes models focusing more on infantry-type models and light warjacks/warbeasts.  The nice part is it doesn’t all depend on a caster to survive the whole fight as in the full game.  We didn’t get a look at the rules but the description on the back of the box sounds appealing for our skirmish game itch.

It only took about an hour or so to go through the whole exhibit hall quickly, so we switched over to the gaming hall.  Turns out there were a handful of vendors out there selling stuff as well.  Gale Force 9 had a big, big mat for their Firefly game, which my wife is a big fan.  They also had several expansion and upgrade packs for Firefly.  Fantasy Flight was running some smaller X-Wing games and demos with some Destiny stuff scheduled for the afternoon.  Kyle tried his hardest to talk me into the Destiny stuff. 😉  Back in the exhibit hall, we checked out some of the booths in a little more depth than our original first pass.  We did a demo for Guild Ball, another game we’ve been considering lately.  The gameplay is pretty fast-paced and the teams synergize well.  I enjoyed how with a little coordination, it’s not too terribly hard to get a goal and if one of your team members gets enough damage to “die”, they just come back on the next round.  I enjoyed the demo but don’t feel anywhere near comfortable enough after having played it to say if it’s a good game or not.  It’s fairly complicated but the figure cards do well with providing the relevant information.  I’m sure going over the rules a time or two will clear things up quite a bit, though.  The models look fantastic and there are a lot of choices for teams.

Later on we watched a demo of a tic-tac-toe variation that is still in Kickstarter.  It takes the basics of the game and makes it a little more interactive.  Instead of just placing your X or O on the board, your oppenent gets a chance to guess where you’re going.  If they guess right, you lose your turn.  So it pays off to be unpredictable.  The Kickstarter was funded long ago and went into Stretch Goals within 24 hours.  I went ahead of funded it to get a copy of the game plus all the extras.  Here’s a link to the Pocket Ops Kickstarter.

Later on we found an area where they were playing Wings of Glory.  I had seen this game before online but thought it was out of production.  At one point, FFG had aquired it and used it as the basis for X-Wing and then never really did much with Wings of Glory.  So Ares Games was able to get it back and began distributing it once again.  I picked up the starter box for World War 2.  The models are very cool looking WW2 era fighter planes with a handful of bombers including the iconic B17 Flying Fortress.  Gameplay is similar to X-Wing in how the bases and models look, but instead of a maneuver dial, players have a deck of cards to determine where the planes go.  Also instead of dice, planes are automatically hit by each other if they are in the firing arc and at the correct range.  But instead of doing standard damage each time, tokens are drawn at random and placed face-down on the plane’s card.  Only the pilot knows if it’s a 0, a 1, a 2, etc and only after there’s enough damage to destroy the airplane are the damage tokens revealed.  No more green dice to worry about. 🙂

All in all, it was a very fun day.  We spent about 11 hours at the event and 8 hours driving.  That made for a very long day and some sore feet but I would definitely go again.  I’m not sure if I would go for more than one day unless I was planning on playing in one of the events.  Conventions like this are great for seeing products and games that you wouldn’t normally take a second (or even first) look at or even know about.  Seeing games ranging from old ship of the line ships battling it out to full blown space battles.  We saw a 6mm game system where they’re literally just selling the rules and letting you build your own miniatures and design your own units.  From foam swords/shields to leather coats and outfits.  Funny T-shirts and fancy boxes to store your dice.  Scenary and terrain from do-it-yourself to professionally produced.  Origins was a fun convention to go to.  More general interest than Adepticon yet small enough you can see it all in a single day.

Painting in batch

Right now many of us are on a Runewars kick.  It’s a great game, it’s new, it’s fresh, and a lot of fun.  But the miniatures are unpainted.  Having played several other games where the miniatures are supplied unpainted, this didn’t feel like a major problem to me.  Not a problem, but a hurdle.  Runewars has A LOT of miniatures to paint.  A LOT.  And to most of us, this seems like a daunting task.  A lot of new Runewars players are coming from the X-Wing and Armada crowd where the miniatures are supplied painted.  This makes it so much easier to get involved in a game and aide in the immersion.  While Runewars plays just fine with unpainted figures, it sure makes the game look nice when both players come to the board painted.

As a human player, I have the equivalent  of 3 core sets and will soon have a couple of infantry command boxes and 4 more trays for cavalry.  For now we’ll focus on the 3 core sets.  That comes out to 48 infantry, 12 cavalry, 3 rune golems, and 1 hero.  That’s 64 figures to paint in total.  Painting one at a time, I would estimate would take about 2-3 hours.  That’s between 128 and 192 hours.  Assuming you can paint 10 hours a week, that’s almost 13 – 20 weeks or 3 – 5 months.  That’s a long time!  Granted people have different schedules and may be able to dedicate more or less painting time.

This isn’t meant to be discouraging, though I can see how it might be!  But there are options to make this go a little faster.  Personally, I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to painting.  With a 2.5 year old and a newborn plus the burden of being on call 24/7 for work, my spare time is valuable.  This isn’t a complete list of things you can do, but it’s a list of things I do to significantly speed up my painting.  I paint in a batch so I’m doing multiple of the same type of model all at once.

1. Use an airbrush or prime with your base coat.  Most people at least prime with their base coat to speed up the paint job, but this is intended to be a beginner’s guide.  Personally I still like to prime with black (or grey) with an airbrush and then airbrush on the basecoat where it should go.  I’ve found that airbrushing goes really fast and dries much quicker than spray on primer.

2. Do a test model.  This will take longer than usual but it helps reduce the decision making part of painting.  Once you get a model painted up the way you like it (or close), be sure to take note of which colors were used and where.  This way when you paint the bulk of your models, you can reference the test model.  You won’t have to take a few minutes to decide which color would look good for a certain peice… just copy the test model and put yourself on autopilot.

3. One color at a time.  By doing many models at once, you can stick to the same color until every piece is done with that color.  The obvious benefit is that brush cleanup time will be reduced but it will also get your brain in a rhythm.  In Runewars, the infantry has only 4 different poses.  If you paint all 4 of the same poses at the same time, you’ll remember where the tricky spots are and what you’re likely to miss.

4. Base at the same time.  Same as before.  If you base all the models at the same time, you only have to get that material out once… for longer than usual, but only once!

Batch painting isn’t for everyone, since there are cons to doing it this way versus doing models one at a time or a tray at a time.  The biggest downside is it’s still easy to get overwelmed and hard to stay focused.  I initially did 15 spearmen at the same time and it almost drove me nuts.  So now I’m doing 32 spearmen at once… separated in groups of 16 but still all at once.  This time it’s going a little better because I take frequent breaks.

Overall starting to paint your Runewars miniatures may look like a difficult job, but it doesn’t have to be.  Remember that once you get your core set(s) painted, the upgrades will trickle in slow enough that it won’t be so bad later on.  But just because there are a lot of models doesn’t mean that in the end painting won’t be worth it.  The look on other players’ faces when they see your models is always fun to see.  Hopefully I’ve given you a few ideas to make this task a little easier!