Playing with the band

So last night at Praise Band practice, I turned over the reigns of the sound board to my trainee and let her mix for the night while I played guitar from the stage.  I wasn’t plugged into the system or anything like that… and thank goodness because it wasn’t too pretty!  I feel like I did fairly well, since I hadn’t ever played any of the songs before.  On two of them, I didn’t know all of the chords, so that was pretty interesting as well.  I was able to keep up on a couple of the songs and almost kept up on the 3rd.  All in all, it really helped boost my confidence and I feel like I’m learning at a pretty good pace.

Acoustic Guitar!

For about the last year, I’ve been playing guitar off and on… trying to learn on my own.  For Christmas in 2012, wife got me Rocksmith on Steam.  Now if you’re not familiar with Rocksmith, it’s basically a video game where if you plug a real guitar into your computer via a special USB cable, it will tell you if you hit the right notes, rhythm, etc. similar to Rock Band or Guitar Hero.  The added benefit is you can actually learn to play the instrument rather than a plastic controller.  I started off on a borrowed electric guitar but quickly decided I’d like to actually own my own, so a few months later I bought a Telecaster that I think looks pretty cool.  Like I said earlier, I played it off and on over the next year.  My eventual goal was to switch to acoustic.  Enter today, when it’s time to actually buy one!

This is actually my second acoustic guitar.  The first one I bought about a week prior and found a crack in the back.  Luckily for me, I was able to learn some stuff about the different models and picked a better (but more expensive!) one.  I ended up with a custom Martin GPCPA4.  The model number is listed as Custom, but it’s a GPCPA4… not really sure what’s custom about it, but it was marked down.  It’s very nice rosewood and matching face and has a built-in preamp with tuner.  The sound quality is amazing.  The first one I picked out was basically particle board (a bit fancier than that, but same idea).  The sound quality was very similar to my rosewood guitar, but mine is higher quality and should last longer.


This picture is actually very close to what mine looks like.  I’m still slowly learning but I’m getting to the point where I can play recognizable songs.  I still like to “pick around”, which is also sounding better.  At band practice, they’ll ask me on stage every so often.  Maybe one of these days I’ll actually go up…