Gen Con 2018, Day 4

Day 4, the last day.  On the last day we typically bring the kids so they can enjoy the convention too.  David was really looking forward to it this year.  We got there early enough that we had to wait for the vendor hall to open.  Rachel took Joshua up to the second floor where things were quieter so he could take a nap.  I took David back down to the entrance and he and I were able to walk in when the doors were opened.  This was the first year that we were in the vendor hall that early for 3 of the 4 days.  He was completely wide-eyed when we walked inside.  I told him to yell “STOP!” if he saw something he wanted to look at, because it was hard to hear him in the vendor hall.  Shortly after telling him that, he yelled for me to stop so we could look at the art on a game.  That kid really seems to like dragons.  A little later on, he saw a tablet and wanted to do the demo for a tablet game.  The guy was nice and let David touch the buttons and stuff.  David seemed to enjoy it and he really wanted to play games.  We wandered around the hall for a bit and then met up with Rachel and Joshua.  By this time, Joshua was awake again so we went back over to Forged Foam and bought Joshua a little sword.  It’s actually a dagger for stabbing, but he really liked it.

We bought a learning game for David and wandered around the hall a bit more.  Went ahead and got lunch while we were there and took David around to see some of the cosplayers.  He was pretty scared of most of them, but he recognized a lot of the characters.  At around 2pm, we had enough of Gen Con for this year.  It seems like every year we end up having more fun than the year before and this year was no exception.  Goodbye Gen Con 2018… see you next year!

Gen Con 2018, Day 3

For Day 3, we got there early enough to rush the vendor hall again.  We didn’t really have too much in mind other than checking Privateer Press’s booth out to demo Monsterpocalypse.  Turns out the game is pretty fast paced and a lot of fun.  I really enjoy the idea of giant robots throwing monsters into buildings.  Which is probably why I like Pacific Rim so much. We ended up purchasing the game and some expansions.  Not wanting to carry it around all day, we went back to the car to drop it off.  Rachel decided to cosplay and wanted to ditch her cloak so the trip back to the vehicle worked out.  On our way back, we decided to have an early lunch to beat the rush.  Bill and Sarah hadn’t yet arrived so it was good timing.  The four of us walked the vendor hall and made a few more purchased.  We stopped by Forged Foam and checked out their new swords and shields.  Rachel had been wanting a weapon that could get past my sword/shield combo and I picked up a very long 2-handed sword.  We ventured over to Lucas Oil and checked things out there, but I couldn’t find the Artemis Bridge Simulator places to show Bill.  After this we headed back to the vendor hall where Bill and Sarah got set up with some X-Wing gear. 🙂

After a few hours of walking the vendor hall where too much money was spent and our feet were sufficiently sore, we headed home.  Ending out the night just hanging out and chatting.  Overall it was a good time with Bill and Sarah and I think we’re all looking forward to next year!

Gen Con 2018, Day 2

Day 2 was set to be our game day.  We were both enrolled in Star Wars Legion Maximum Firepower event.  We were both a little nervous to play since we didn’t really know how the community was going to be on such a new game, but we were pleasantly surprised that everyone was super nice and helpful.

I don’t really remember the names of my opponents, but I played 4 great games.

Game 1: For game 1 I played against a Rebels list that was pretty close to what Rachel and Brian usually play.  My list is undefeated and I let that cloud my judgment a little bit and over extended my army.  Once he got Luke Skywalker in range, my units were toast.  I had a chance for a hail mary, but my speeder bikes couldn’t seal the deal.  My first loss. 🙁

Game 2: Game two was an Imperial mirror match against a list with Vader, Veers, 2 storm trooper units, 1 snow trooper unit (with a flame thrower), and a fully loaded AT-ST.  With the limited cover on the maps, the AT-ST had a field day, so I spent the first 2 rounds focus firing that thing down.  Turns 3 and 4 I had to focus on Vader since he is hard enough to take down and can do some significant damage.  After turn 5 when I dropped his Veers, he decided to concede.  My first win of the day. 🙂

Game 3: Game 3 was against another Rebel list.  Once again, it was Luke and Leia, a ton of troopers, and 2 AT-RTs.  We used the repair the evaporator mission and had minefields on the map.  The mines made things difficult for me, mostly because I kept forgetting the order I wanted to activate everything.  After using my bikes to alpha strike the AT-RTs, they were in a pretty bad position due to the mines.  I was able to repair 3 of the 4 evaporators but by the end of the game my opponent was able to fully damage one of them so that left us with a tie.  I won due to points destroyed.

Game 4: Game 4 was almost exactly a mirror match.  Veers, 6 troopers, 3 bikes.  However because of having a better bid I was able to be first player and picked an objective that favored me.  I forced my opponent into a kill box and nuked his bikes on approach.  After a couple of turns, he conceded and I went away with 3 wins for the day.

Rachel ended up winning her first game by default since the guy had to leave early for another event.  Her next two games ended in a loss but she felt good about their outcome.  She won her final game and ended the day with a 2-2 record… enough for some pretty snazzy prizes and a good feeling of accomplishment.

Overall it was a really long but fun day.  I think we would both do it again. 🙂

Gen Con 2018, Day 1

This year we convinced Bill and Sarah to come to Gen Con with us, so that made things even more fun.  Last year we didn’t rush the FFG booth and we really missed the excitement of being one of the first people into the convention hall.  We arrived around 8:30am and had an hour and a half to wait to get it.  It went by quickly and we made it into the event hall pretty quickly.  Even though we were further ahead in line than we were 2 years ago, we still had an hour wait in the line.  We were able to purchase a core set for X-Wing 2.0, a couple upgrades, Han Solo and Commandos for Star Wars Legion.  From there, we met up with Bill and Sarah who opted to not be apart of the mob. 🙂  Day 1 was spent like the last few years where we went shopping through the vendor hall.  We didn’t really play any games or do anything very interesting.

One thing we did differently this year was park at Lucas Oil Stadium.  The cost to park was significantly higher than the Zoo, but it was well worth it.  We were much closer to the convention center so that made the day feel much easier.  We left a little early to go have a nice supper with Bill and Sarah.  After supper we went back to the house where I taught both of them how to play X-Wing. 🙂

3D printing for Legion

When I bought the 3D printer, I really wanted to print storage bins for my Star Wars Legion miniatures.  Not for transport, but to store them more easily than having a bunch of minis laying around the house.  But with the new objectives that were released, I found a mine token that looks pretty good.  So I just HAD to print those too. 🙂

The storage bin is really nice.  It not only holds an entire unit but the card, upgrade cards, and the command token.

Printing in 3D!

Yesterday I started my venture in 3D printing.  I purchased a Creality Ender 3.  It took about a week to arrive and only about 30 minutes to put it together.  After a few minutes of figuring things out, I was up and printing!  Here are some pictures of the things I’ve printed!


Adepticon 2018

Adepticon 2018 was pretty fun this year.  Some of the guys decided to go all 4 days and play some events, but I was unable to due to work.  Instead I opted to go just a couple days like last year.  Unlike last year, I didn’t buy a swag bag in time so there was really no point in buying a ticket.  This year we were looking at Necromunda since we’ve been looking for a campaign style miniatures game for about a year now.  We found some really good supporting products for it too.  It can be played with 3D terrain or using the included tiles.  We found some MDF walls and doors to help give it a 3D look.  I also picked up some MDF scenery for Star Wars Legion as well.

Overall it was a pretty good time but nothing really major happened.  We all spent way too much money, but it’s all stuff we’ll be using for the years to come. 🙂

Track Laying — Finished Yard

This week I basically finished the yard.  There’s still more work to be done, but enough of it is done that we can safely begin wiring things up and running the black steamie around a little bit.  I decided to go ahead and continue the outer circle to at least have that part done so we can play with it some.  I gave David the option to put in a bridge on the end and he absolutely loved that idea.  The only problem is I need to raise that section of track.  Guess it’ll be good practice for doing it on the other parts of the layout.  I started to get the inclines all set.  I really like how the incline kits are working out, but I need to adjust the bridge a little bit.  I can’t do too much of an incline because I need the turnout to be at ground level due to the switch machine having to go through the table.  The bridge side is pretty steep, but the black steam engine can make it.  The problem is the peak when it starts to immediately go downward, the front wheels actually come off the track slightly.  Just enough that it could potentially cause a derailment.  I haven’t had a chance to go back downstairs and work on this, but I’m afraid it’s going to be pretty rough by the time it’s finished.



Laying the Track — the yard

It’s been a pretty productive couple of weeks.  The progress is pretty slow, but I’m picking up the pace.  Laying the road bed is pretty time consuming and doing it on the yard is pretty tough with all the turn outs.  The first turnout I did met up into another one so I did them at the same time.  That was pretty rough, but it looks ok enough.  It’ll all be covered up with scenery later on, so I’m not overly concerned with how it looks right now.  The next 5 or 6 turnouts went much, much better since I finally got a feel for how to nail down the road bed.  I only bought one box of track nails and I’m burning through them pretty fast.

I’m using tortoise switch machines for the turnouts.  Since they go under the table, I have to drill a hole right under the turnout.  Finding the exact position is pretty easy once I’ve got the road bed nailed to the table.  I just use a T-pin to mark where the bar is, move the turnout, cut away the road bed in that spot and drill the hole where the mark is.  Once that’s done, I cut the road bed down the center line and set it in the shape of the turnout.  Takes a little while for each turnout, but they’ve been looking pretty good.

So far I’ve got 3 lines on the yard done.  There is technically a 4th, but it will be connected to the outside track eventually, so I’m going to save it for later.  After taking the pictures, I started on the last bit of track that goes into the turn table.  It continues around the track, so I’ll have my first taste of laying road bed under curved track!

Laying the Track — The Turntable!

So one of David’s favorite parts of the track is definitely the turntable.  Since the layout calls for 2 of the tracks to terminate at the turntable and we’re adding a 3rd, I thought it would be a good anchor point to start.  We didn’t get a whole lot done on the track this week, but the turntable is in its final position and screwed down to the table.  That actually took quite a bit of moving around, with really small adjustments here and there, but I think it’s in a good spot.  I put some straights next to it as a place to store the engines since a round house probably won’t fit very well.  After putting our black steam engine on the track, I’m not sure it’ll be a good storage option, but we’ll see.  I went ahead and put road bed on one of those straights, just to see how hard it would be to do the road bed.  It goes down pretty easily.  The directions say to glue it down and glue the track to the road bed, but I’m using the nails instead.  They seem to be doing just fine.  I also ran some power wires to the track and drilled holes so they can run beneath the table.  It looks pretty good but will look better once we put ballast on the track.  The Atlas turntable has a split ring inside, so that means we don’t need an auto-reversing circuit for our DCC.  I ran some scrap wire to the turntable to power it and the track to test everything.  It works really well so far!  The 2-6-0 steam engine barely fits, so the 4-6-0 that David wants will be really tight.

We went to the train show in Indy this weekend.  I was hoping there would be more vendors there, but it was pretty small.  Most vendors had O or N scale stuff but the HO stuff was pretty limited.  There was a whole area for layouts and David really enjoyed watching those trains run.  Overall it was worth it to have gone, but we may not go next year.

This week I’m hoping to get more road bed under the yard and the holes for the switch machines drilled.  I’m still waiting on more parts, so once they get here I’ll be able to make some more progress.  I’ve got some of the road bed placed, but the track isn’t nailed down yet.  The progress is slow but steady!